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Estate Planning

Estate planning allows you to make sure that your property will go to the people you want, in the way you want, and when you want.
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Probate and Trust Administration

What you do not know can hurt you. Will or no will, make sure that you have proper legal counsel to guide you through a difficult time.
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Probate and Trust Litigation

Litigation is sometimes a viable solution when a beneficiary feels they’ve been wronged or there a disputed or incorrect claim.
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Business Law

Asset purchase/sale agreements for corporations, partnerships, and LLC’s. Confidentiality/Non-disclosure agreements, Partnership agreements.
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Tax Planning

What’s the best choice of entity to use, tax favorable ways to hold real property, tax favorable ways to buy or sell a business?
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Tax Controversies

Being audited by the IRS is not fun. Better to have representation early, then wait until the IRS is trying to collect.
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Asset Preservation

Why should I be concerned about protecting my assets from creditors if I have none now? What you do plan for may hurt you.
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Elder Law

Protecting elders assets, arranging legal guardianship, planning to reduce assets that are counted against the Medicaid asset limit.
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Real Estate Law

Contracts to purchase or sell real estate, leases, Analysis of title insurance and commitments to insure, foreclosure, Landlord-Tenant Disputes.

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At David Lanigan, PA, we strive to provide comprehensive confidential counseling, insightful analysis, and creative problem solving at an affordable cost. Our commitment to providing personal attention that is responsive to your needs is the foundation of our practice. We value our relationships with our clients and work hard to understand our clients’ legal needs, concerns, and expectations.

We work with our clients to anticipate and plan in order to avoid legal problems, to formulate alternative courses of action, to communicate clearly the alternatives, and to take action to solve legal problems that already have occurred. Trust us to serve your legal needs pro-actively with practical advice to serve your best interests.

Our clients are individuals, businesses, business owners For our individual clients, we provide:

1) a wide range of estate planning services, from simple to sophisticated;

2) wills, trusts, advance directives, durable powers of attorney, and personal services contracts.

3) administration of probate estates and trust estates;

4) advice concerning wealth preservation and management of risks;

5) advice concerning business formation and transactions

6) advocacy before the IRS and in U.S. Tax Court during audits and collection actions;

7) real estate contracts and closings, promissory notes, mortgages;

8) real estate leases, both residential and commercial.

For our business clients and for owners of businesses, we provide:

1) a full range of contracts needed in the operation of a business, including contracts relating to employees, to suppliers and customers, co-owners of the business, and with other businesses;

2) advice and guidance how to plan for succession of ownership of your business when you are ready to retire;
3) income tax planning;

4) guidance how to minimize risks of litigation and exposure to creditors, sometimes known as asset protection;

5) advice on the best choice of business entity for your business;

6) negotiation and preparation of:

a. Asset purchase/sale agreements for corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies;

b. Stock purchase/sale agreements for corporations and membership interest purchase/sale agreements for and limited liability companies;

c. Shareholder buy-sell agreements;

d. Plans for conversion from one kind of entity into another;

e. Plans for merger of one entity into another;

f. Operating agreements for limited liability companies ;

g. Equipment leasing agreements;

h. Confidentiality/Non-disclosure agreements; and

i. Partnership agreements.